June 21, 2010

And the winner is...

Congrats to Soledevita for winning this week challenge with her "Bad Punk" pinback buttons!

June 16, 2010

A swap :D

Look what I got in a swap with RenatheSchneider.
I had had my eyes on her shop for a while, and I was so thrilled when she asked me if I was interested in a swap :D
Go have a look at her shop if you haven't come across it yet, you won't be disappointed !

June 14, 2010

The PuNk EST challenge

YAY, I won Inger's challenge with my Juno Peacock necklace :) So I am the boss for one week and get to pick a theme.

The new theme is PUNK! Ever since my first trip to London, a loooong time ago, I have always been fascinated by their radical way of living and style. Fortunately for me I just stuck to the fashion and music and left out the rest.

So wether inspired by Sid Vicious (or Gary Oldman here), the Clash and the Plasmatics, or the fashion designers who made Punk "acceptable", let me see what you can come up with this week!

Black Square Necklace by DeerLola

Patchwork Punk, a cuff by LaTouchables

Single punk earring by Donauluft

STOCKHOLM NAVY and white Pleated French Messenger - With RED Adjustable strap by Ikabags

Chains and Treasures - A Punk Bracelet by Staroftheeast

Ceramic Mosaic Black Square Earring Studs by Martice

Punk Revival Necklace with German Dog Badge by Kraplap

Punk and Fluffy Black Bunny Choker by myself ;)

Funky Punk necklace by TwoTreesBelgium

Bad Punk, pinbacks buttons-original design by SoleDeVita

Punkysheep needlefelted brooch orange and pink by ColoursandTextures

Drunkie Punk BooBoo Bonx Monster Plush Brooch and Keychain Set by Swiedebie

Punk chainmail earrings by alatvian

iPad Sleeve - Punk Sleevy - bright contrasting colors by sleevy

Echino cotton hand fan with sleeve - Abanico by Olele

pink punk - VERY big handmade crochet ring with black lace by sexyhandmade

Cheviot superwash rainbow yarn by Ingermaaike

CAVEAT EMPTOR When things go wrong

Internet business is fun and problem free....most of the time. But sometimes problems arise.
I tend to think I am fairly cautious in most cases. But sometimes crooks find a way to rip you off one way or another. Well, with me , my weak point is that I trust people I think I know. I can't think that people are up to something bad all the time.
Last October a former European Street member on Etsy offered to make merchant website for other members. As the price was interesting (200 eur,well, that should have been the first warning sign) I took the offer on. She didn't want the transaction to be made through Etsy (second warning sign). I paid in 4 installments...and , well, you guessed the rest. No website. Not much communication from the "webmaster" and that person also stopped being active on Etsy (though she is back now under an other username). I keep getting the same answers "I am working on it" or "you're not getting my emails". Right. Doesn't say much about a webmaster who can't even send an email to the right address. And those crooks have a way to make YOU feel bad when THEY are the one doing something WRONG. I know for a fact she is not working on my website because my FTP (Internet host) hasn't been accessed at all during all that time.
I also should have done some researches, I would have seen she abandoned 2 of her previous Etsy shops after various feedbacks for non-delivery.
Also I am not the only victim :(
As most of you know, I already have a lawyer (for the numerous house problems) so last time I had him on the phone I asked for advice.
Today I started the chargeback process. It makes me sad and disgusted. If the Paypal process doesn't work (as deadlines are long gone) I'll have to turn to my CC company. Lawyer also suggested I file a police complaint on http://www.ecops.be/ for internet fraud.
*Sigh*, another lawsuit.

So here's a few reminders for online transactions (yes, you know them, I knew them too):
1. Don't accept "off" website transactions on sites like Etsy, Ebay...
2. Never let Paypal deadlines expire. It's only 45 days, but you can still complain to them after that (they recommand it too, so they know whom they're dealing with)
3. Don't trust "friends" when it comes to large sums of money ( not a fun advice, I know). Let's face it, you always think you know the person who rips you off.

June 08, 2010

EST Spring Swap

Finally, some pictures of my spring swap ^_^ I was a lucky bunny again as my swap partner was Swee from Swiedebie . If you don't know her shop, go have a look...and you'll know why she is my perfect match :)
Even the envelope was cute beyond words!

I got this adorable toast felt necklace...

super kawaii cat ears, a cute little milk carton and a tissue cozy