August 28, 2009

Kittens updates

I haven't posted pictures of the kittens in a long time.
Zoé has been unwell , she got a nasty cold and had to go to the vet. She is doing better now and regained some weight.
Bob is still HUGE, like mega's hard to believe he's Frank's brother.
Frank is still tiny and not very hairy but in top shape.

Group nap. Zoé is trying to demonstrate that Bob is so big she can't put her paws around his neck.

Frank is the largest Jibbitz in the world. (Jibbitz are the thingies you attach to your Crocs to decorate them))

No, it's not too tight for the 2 of us!

I am not sure I should try to fit in there. What if I get stuck?

Cutie Zoé

And the kittens would like to take a moment to remind you that you can still vote for their mom's photo in the Crocs contest.
You can VOTE HERE.

August 24, 2009

And the winner is...

My week as host of the European Street Team Challenge is over and I am happy to announce the winner : Evelyn from Sumikoshop with her lovely pouch!

Thanks everyone for all the yummy entries!

August 21, 2009

A bat in the house

Of all the funny things and creatures the cats brought me home, this bat has got to win first prize.
It is so cute and tiny. The blue thing next to her is a regular plastic bottle cap filled with water.
I gave it some catfood, wanted to find some bugs but only found a gigantic fly. So catfood will have to do until tonight. It doesn't look hurt, but I am no bat expert...
The pictures appear very bright, but I put my little bat in a shadowy corner to keep it away from sunlight and cats 'arm.
I'll try to release it tonight when it's dark.
Bat updates: Sadly my little bat (I had named her Cracra) died 2 nights ago. I am so sad as she seemed to be doing so well. She ate and drank and moved around her box.
Well, RIP Cracra.

August 18, 2009

A little giveaway

I had made little goodie " Kitsch it Yourself Kit" bags to give to my Etsy friends at the Maastricht fair. But it turns out I made too many and I have got 4 left. So if you're interested, just leave a message below and I'll randomly choose 4 winners on Friday morning.
Goodie bags contain fun bits and pieces to make whatever you feel like.
Good luck.
Everyone who left a comment was given a number in order . I had 11 different commenters.
And the winners are...tadaaaaa:
Maria, Happybee, Kreativlink and Hazydaisy!
Congrats and thanks everyone for taking part!

MARIA, would you contact me...I don't know who you are (as I know several Maria) and your blog is on private view only...

PS : Remember you can still vote for my Crocs picture , no registration required and you can vote every day ;)

August 17, 2009

The European Street Team FOOD challenge

I won last week European Street Team Challenge on Etsy with my double entry, Jack and Sally Gothico-Kawaii Necklaces. The theme was "Tim Burton gothic fantasy" and was chosen by Pinar from Toosis on Etsy. You can view all the entries on her blog.

So, it's my turn to choose a theme and I picked FOOD. Your item doesn't have to be edible (but it can be if you want to), simply in the shape of food.
Bon appétit!

And here's the entries!

Caramel Swirl-Necklace with ceramic roses-OOAK by alatceramics

Apple Green Key Ring by DeerLola

Forest fruit necklace by FleurFatale

Salade de Fruits Kawaii Necklace by DinaFragola (well, that's me )

Red and White Mint Candy Necklace by DeerLola

Tutti Frutti by Staroftheeast

Paprika Rouge- a patchwork bag by Iragranteco

Coton Candy by Nagajna

Blue Dot Pouch and Lollipop Brooch set by Sumikoshop

Cotton candy- Tourmaline and sterling silver ring by Jealousydesign
Mint Laptop sleeve Macbook sleeve Knitted - Red and White 13 inch (also MacBook Pro) by Martice

Chocolate necklace by Happyment

Rudraksha Earrings PIF by Binkaminka

Peppermint Moldecule by Kraplap

Green Apple Bracelet by LeelaBijou

Pumpkin, a Camel Bag by Latouchables

Cacao, Leather Journal by Kreativlink

Yummy Two Tiered Cream Fruit Cake Necklace by MistyAurora

Fun pumpkin felted bowl by Ingermaaike

Cheery Cherries, Beadwoven earrings by Gr8jewellery

Sweet Bakery Ring with a turquoise stone by Queenece

Sweet Bakery Necklace with Pearls by Queenece

PURPLE GRAPES NECKLACE and EARRINGS SET with Sugulite gemstones in sterling silver by Ayatasarim

Cotton Cupkake-Mocha Latte Hat by Baahar

PS : Remember you can still vote for my Crocs picture

August 15, 2009

Crocs Europe Biggest Fan Competition

Crocs (yeah, the shoes I am so fond of) Europe is organizing a photo contest.

Well, I entered with the picture above. I entitled it "Crocs Cinderella".
Please, please , please, vote for me :D I'll give you virtual cookies ;)
Click on this LINK and Vote , it would be so kind...and I would so love to win 52 pairs of Crocs.
And if you hate Crocs, well, imagine...that's 52 pairs you won't have to lay eyes upon, yes, you DO want me to win, as I can wear only a pair at a time!

Preparing the craftfair

Well, I have done fairs before, but only at collectors fairs and that requires very little preparation, just put stuff in box and you're ready.

But craftfairs, oh my. I needed to think of decoration...arghh...find busts (I ended up making them) and jewelry display.
Well, here's the result of much work and long think tank sessions ;)
I also got my earring display just in time. I like it a lot and it's very practical too as I can leave the earrings on it when travelling.

And my study now looks like a warzone :/

And here's a close-up of my handmade cardboard busts.

The Deer necklace won't be at the fair though as it sold this week :)

August 11, 2009

Etsy Front Page

Thanks to Ina from Deerlola, I made Etsy front page yesterday with my Moon Ring.

It sold really fast too. I am thinking of maybe making more of those polymer clay rings. I had not made any in...over 10 years...

I am also busy preparing for the craft fair I am attending next Sunday in Maastricht. You can check their website there, Craftparking . It is from 1pm to 7 pm. I'll be there along many other Etsians!
I am trying to come up with an interesting booth, I haven't taken any photos yet but they should be ready before sunday...obviously...