February 26, 2014

Wednesday favorites

 A new cool and cute nail polish idea by Ciaté. A manicure with real flower. The blue version here is Bada-Bloom. There is a pink one too but I really like this soft blue.
 An adorable "hurl-o-matic" cat ceramic sculpture by Notjustcats on Etsy.
 A pink cat coat...what can I add to that...unfortunately by Miu Miu. I have seen cheaper second hand car , if you see what I mean...
I want a polka dress for spring. This one is by Newlook. I have seen one I like at H&M too but it's not on their website.

 New skimmer ...by Crocs. I must say I like all 4 color combos but I'll guess I'd pick the khaki pair so I could wear them with more outfits. Women's Stretch Sole Flat by Crocs.

You may have seen in the news that someone stole that giant mango from Bowen, Australia. It appears it was just a publicity stunt. But...a giant mango...I want a giant mango now...for my garden...Maybe it's just the Bob (Squarepants) in me who needs it...I can so totally see it turned into a cute little house. "Hey, I live in a giant mango!" One more reason for me to want to visit Australia.

February 19, 2014

Wednesday favorites

 Another super cute dress by Tutukshop on Dawanda! I am a sucker for cloud anything...

I wish I need a lunch box... those cute ones are by Asking for trouble.  There are many more styles available. Just give a look!

 How gorgeous is that? How magical? How amazing? The Light sculpture Forms in Nature.

Swatch has come up with a candy and pastry collection. I need that one called Caramellisima. The Swatch Pastry Chefs collection. The minty one is cute too...and a few others ...
 If you can't have a sea view from your bedroom, this is probably the next best thing. Well, maybe I'd skip the fishes and just have plants in there...but still pretty cool. Bed tank by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.
A London Victorian house. Just that would be awesome. A Victorian house, in London, in the very nice part of London, with plenty of WORKING bathrooms, lots of space, an extra little house in the garden, a magnificent magical garden, amazing views from the top rooms...wouldn't that be enough? Noooo...it also has a spaceship in the attic!!!!!!
Drool here.

February 14, 2014

Valentine cats

Pepita: "Sitting on your agenda, being your top priority."

Turn to the right...

Turn to the left..."I am hearing pawsteps..."

Gazette approaching: "Damn, the agenda is taken..."

Eugénie : "Yes, I like having my hair entangled and matted, why? Don't touch me, don't touch me , don't touch me"


Philibert. No, not pulling his tongue at Diego...just his natural derpy look.

Exquisite little paws

Bob:"I am scared, that's not the usual camera, maybe it's a trick to sell me to the sausage factory..."
Cats are cool.
The other night, I was in bed with the flu, and Pepita came next to me and gently put her paw  on my elbow. And she just stayed there. Well, then again, maybe she was just claiming possession of the hoomin.

A few days before Doudou passed away he was sleeping near me on my bed. Philibert joined us. Now, you have to remember that Doudou and Philibert used to be arch enemies. The numbers of epic battles they had...And that night little Philibert gently booped Doudou's nose and rubbed his cheek against his...and they both purred.

February 12, 2014

Wednesday favorites : longing for spring

Only mid February and I am longing for spring. though I can't really complain about winter this year, we had snow for only a few hours and temperatures only dropped below zero a couple of times.
This photo is from Kew Gardens in London and is by Laura Nolte on Flickr

I can definitely see myself stroll through a spring garden in this adorable dress by Sarsparilly.

And I wish it was sandal time already. This gorgeous aqua pair is by...Crocs ;)  No, I am not a Crocs affiliate, but maybe I should ask ^_^

Vintage brass dinosaurs. Sadly this set is sold...it was on Etsy
But you can still get this amazing dino silk scarf by  

And to finish this week selection, a little Valentine message from Grumpy Cat. You can find more on Mashable. I love Grumpy Cat but I can't help feeling sorry for him, being dragged all over the world for publicity stunts :(

February 05, 2014

Wednesday favorites

A cat portrait necklace by FlowerLandShop. Yeah, I know I have already featured that shop...But those kitties are so cool, I keep going back to the shop to look at them. 

 A cat illustration by Inameliart. I love it. I'll have it on my wall soon.

 I want that view from my bedroom. On the other hand, I'd just sit there and do nothing...and eventually wither away from starvation... That view is yours for a measly $19.500 per month here. *sighs*

 This is simply amazing...it looks straight out of a Miyazaki movie *_* It is the "Neverwas Haul, a self-propelled 3-story Victorian House, made from 75% recycled equipment and materials" . More photos and amazingness on this site.
 Back down to reality with this pretty rain jacket. Photos don't do it justice. It is  really nice pinkish red coated cotton. Details are really neat. By MSmode. I'd sew a few patches on that one...

A cool ombre Totoro pillow by Canispicta.