April 27, 2011

Star Cat of the Day : Bob

Prince Bob (mega)Kitten Mc Bain, also known as le Beau Bob or Bob le Beau (the beautiful Bob), Bob le Bon or le Bon Bob (the good Bob) or Bobo is one of the 3 kittens born on my bed during the second night in the new house.
Bob was always the biggest of the 3....he is also the cuddliest...as a baby he could stay for hours in my lap...and he still does that from time to time.

What else can I say about Bob? He is his mommy's boy, he is easily scared and will hide away if anyone comes to the house. He loves staying outside when the weather is good. He is a nap expert.

When his sister Zoé died last year he was really upset as the 2 were really close...and that made him even cuddlier.

He disappeared once when he was a kitten, we looked all over for hours...only to find him sleeping in the bottle rack in the kitchen (first picture).

I love his eyes, he is very good at making sad puppy eyes (but don't tell him because all doggies are ugly and stink)

April 20, 2011

Star Cat of the Day : le 1/4 d'une Noix

Le 1/4 d'une Noix Mc Bain (1/4 of a Walnut) got his name because he was such a tiny kitten when I got him.
On a warm spring day 4 years ago, I heard a kitten meowing like crazy somewhere in the garden. I quickly found the tiny black as night kitten perched high in a tree...and he wouldn't come down.
He stayed there for hours, constantly crying...I gave up trying to get him down, figuring he'd come down by himself when he was hungry or bored enough.

And in the evening, the tiny kitten was finally down and checking the food in my kitchen!
At that point I thought he belonged to someone, he'd probably go home or someone would come looking for him. But no, he didn't leave and no one came looking...so he stayed.

Le 1/4 no longer fits his name much, he grew a LOT. He is always eating or looking for food. I don't think he was ever hungry except for that time in the tree...but that caused a life long trauma ;) Each time you step into the kitchen, he appears, you cannot cook without having him around....and I SWEAR he can hear the sound of milk!
And he never skips a meal, whether his or yours!

He is not terribly cuddly, except at times when he suddenly needs a hug...and then leaves as quickly as he came. He is hard to take photos of, he never stands still + he is all black and pictures of him tend to look like just a black spot. He is a very handsome cat, all black, sleek, with super shiny fur and a super cute turned-up nose.
He has got many nicknames, all starting with "the 1/4" of something... The 1/4 of love, the 1/4 of a pain in the ***, the 1/4 of a coconut...

April 15, 2011

Europe for Charity

Did you know that the European Street Team on Etsy has a charity shop? The Europe for Charity Etsy shop offers a large selection of items donated by members from the team. Currently all proceeds go to Japan via Architecture for Humanity. Be sure to check the shop!!!

April 13, 2011

Star Cat of the Day : Diego

Diego "el loco blanco" Mc Bain is Dora's best friend. Yes, I highly suspect the only reason he moved in when he was about 1 was because he loves Dora so much. I have no idea where he comes from, he just appeared regularly in the garden to lick Dora's head...and one day just stayed. Maybe Dora liked the idea of having a hairdresser 24/24.
Diego is hyperactive. He is constantly moving thus making it really hard to take a good picture of him.

He is not exactly the sharpest kitty ever, but what he lacks in brain he sure makes up for in sweetness. And no, though he is white he is not deaf. I have learned that white kitties with green eyes are genetically black and white cats with just a large white spot .
I called him Diego because it's the name of Dora's cousin in the cartoon...and also because of Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega...for the way he always zooms around the place.

April 06, 2011

Star Cat of the Day : Dora

Princess Dora Mc Bain is the sweetest kitty ever. She arrived to my house with her sister Sally when they were a few weeks old and after they decided they were not meant for feral life. Sadly Sally, an all black kitty quickly died of FIP. At first Dora was extremely shy, I could not touch her but I could talk to her. Dora enjoys talks. Though she would not come to me during day time, it was a different thing at night. When she thought I was asleep, she would jump on my bed and sleep right next to me. Really, really close with her little nose almost touching mine. Dora is no longer shy. She adores cuddles from both people and other cats. And she has a best cat friend, Diego who enjoys licking her head. Dora must have a very nice smelling head because I have noticed that most of my other cats like to lick her head too.
She has grown a little bit chubby over time but she is the nicest cat ever. Exercising is not one of her priorities. I have never seen her being mean or naughty, or even hissing. And she has the cutest kitten eyes and nose.