July 15, 2015

Of life and death and synchronicity

Philibert's trademark always was his tongue sticking out
 Philibert (you can read about him here) died last Friday. It was a shock, he always had some small health issues but things took a turn for the worst and he  was gone in 3 days.
Philibert was extremely cuddly and dominant...meaning he didn't let the other cats much room around me, though he was rarely attacking them.
He was a tiny little cat with rabbit like fur that always smelled like a baby. He loved cat treats (he could hear them from miles away), milk and belly rubs. He slept cuddled near me which gained him the nickname of "Little Spoon" (also, in French, little spoon is "petite cuiller" which rhymes with Philibert).
He was also always extremely energetic, making me forget he was in fact an older cat and not a kitten.
I still can't wrap my head around the fact he is gone.
Now, we all deal with death and grief in our own way. I have had a lot of practice at losing pets and people so I know what works for me.
I am a nerd, I read books. When I am upset there are 3 subjects I enjoy reading, philosophy, quantum physics and UFO's.

Last Friday morning I was reading  about synchronicity and conscience and the links they could have with quantum physics. "Synchronicity is a concept created by psychiatrist Carl Jung, which holds that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no apparent causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related" (Wikipedia).
In short, they are no coincidences.
Shortly after I brought Philibert's body back from the vet, I started playing my current favorite video game, Animal Crossing New Leaf. If you're not familiar with it, it's game in which you're the mayor of a small town where you can collect objects to furnish your house and interact with the inhabitants. Occasionally they will give you objects, though usually you have to buy or trade for them.
Last Friday, one of the computer generated characters came to me and gave me a black cat.

Animal Crossing 4 available maneki neko
Out of the thousands of items in the game...

Later that day I decided to replace a watch battery. The watch had been lying there, opened on the workbench for weeks. I placed the new battery in, checked if the hands were moving and closed it. Then I was about to set the correct time...only to find out it was already set to the exact correct time...

So I guess the universe was telling me it was Philbert's exact and correct time to go.