February 26, 2019

Remodeling and chaos

 The remodeling of the second bedroom has started.
Things are not going according to plans. I was just planning on painting and changing curtains and lights. Then I moved the bed...and it looked funny, so I lifted the (pretty new) vynil flooring...and ARRRGHHHH damp stains...Not sure where the water damage comes from. Either it's from the small flooding we had a couple years back, or it's coming from the chimney that's right behind that wall. In any case now it's dry but I still have to figure out how to prevent it from happening again...and change the floor.
Which leaves me feeling like this:

Because now I have to remove all the furniture from the room...and buy new vinyl flooring...which is not very hard to fit ...but is reeeeeeeeeeally heavy to carry around. There are stuff all over the house, and the mess makes me very anxious. And also goodbye money :'(

My little springroll
Today is also Pepita's birthday. I don't really know when she was born, but since she arived in February 2012, I chose her a birthday. She was my beloved little girl and I miss her so much.

February 21, 2019

The Captain Cosmos is now closed

I am a little sad my Etsy plug shop is now gone. I loved the design and kitschy feel...and my Marvin looked majestic AF!
But you can now find my plugs on www.dinafragola.com (work in progress) and Storenvy.

In other news, the weather is still really nice.
I am still not happy with any of the new logos/design for the new business cards.
I bought paint to remodel the second bedroom and the chair I'm painting is at a standstill because I ran out of paint and can't find another spray can in the same color :/

February 18, 2019

Spring in February?

So it's mid-February and temperatures have risen to over 18° for the last 5 days. It should be max 5/6° during the day, it should drop below zero at night. Snow in late March wasn't unusual...
It is really strange. The pale low winter sun with warmth...somehow that just doesn't add up.
Cats don't mind. I don't mind. I am coat-less and fancy free ;)

Who could that be?

My new favorite photo of Bunny
It's been warm enough to sit outside and eat ice-cream and get cat cuddles.

There are actually 3 cats in this photo. But good luck spotting the third one as Frank is perfectly camouflaged. I know where he is and I can barely see him ;)

February 11, 2019

Designing new business cards

  I have been trying to design  a new business card. It is not going smoothly. I have been working on it now and off for a week now. It is driving me crazy.
My first attempt is this one up above. I don't like it.
So now I'm working on a new logo too.

Not sure if I should even bother  since I hardly sell any more. But I am hoping this will  boost my morale a bit...to have updated infos and sites on a pretty card.

So I know more or less what I want now. But I so lack the skills to design it properly...and I am so out of patience to learn anything new these days...
And do I really splurge on Moo cards? With golden prints...

I started to re-organize my shelves to actually do something...lifting heavy stuff usually helps ;)
Bob found a spot.

February 07, 2019

Snow model

 Since I had a snowman hanging out in my garden, I put him to work!

Here Snowy is sporting the adorable rainbow cat patch!

And here he is wearing the cutest cat paw pins!

You too can be trendy like Snowy. Get you pin and patch on www.dinafragola.com

February 04, 2019

New Year resolutions updates and gratuitous cat photos

 Well, so far so  good. If you've not read part one, it is here :D

- I have not repeated an outfit 2 days in a row. It's oddly motivating to have to think of a new outfit every day. It may sound superficial, but whatever works I'm willing to try.
- I say no to many things...not as much as I want or should, but progress nevertheless. I have just realized that people really do take me for granted. Mostly my mother. And also that a lot of people have been trying to tell me that I was being taken  for granted for a long time and I just didn't get it.
- I have blogged twice a week. Yay me.
- I have medidated every day. Double yay me.

I am not done eating all the tomato sauce I made the other day...


Bob aka Groux

Mercutio's and his leg work