March 31, 2014

And the winner is....

And the winner of my march 6th anniversary giveaway is...
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March 29, 2014

Summer arrived early....

 After an incredibly mild winter (2 hours of snow and temperatures barely dropping below zero) weather skipped spring and is giving us March. all the pictures here were taken on March 16,2014.
I've noticed that for the last 3 or 4 years spring seemed to be earlier and earlier...but this year we had several days with temperatures well above 20° mid March. It never happened before, well not since 1830 when people started recording temperatures.
So obviously plants and flowers are early...except from trees which were still pretty bare until a couple of days ago.

Do you see the bumblebee?

 Naked trees. It felt so strange to be sitting in the sun in the garden with all those bare trees around. It felt a bit like a summer bubble in the middle of winter. It also reminded me of that Space 1999 episode where Moonbase Alpha got an atmosphere on the Moon for a few hours.

 Diego doesn't mind the nice weather.

Downside is that weed is growing and it is already time to mow the lawn...

Philibert on a mission...

to poop in the planter...

March 26, 2014

Wednesday favorites

 A cardboard cuckoo cute and fun! It is by hellopetie on Dawanda. It is a real clock but the pine cones don't move and the bird doesn't tweet...which would be a good thing in my book as I am not too keen on high pitched noises...nor any noises in general.
Terry the triceratops embroidery art by Accidentalvix on Etsy. Really the type of things I a restaurant in London I saw some amazing needlepoint works of dinos...I could start a collection...dino needle art ^_^

 A dino print SILK dress by Emma Cook on Asos.Out of budget even on sale...sadly...

 The 12 Doctors if Tim Burton had drawn them...amazing work by Michael the Pure on Deviant Art.

 A mighty cute cat bag by Muchacha available on Ebay and other places on the web. I already own a tiny Muchacha perfect. I might have to buy this bag...

A bunny rabbit spring me (shameless self promo here). One of my fav in all the items I've made so far. I wear  this a lot these days :) Available in my 4 shops. Etsy, Dawanda, Alittlemarket and Storenvy.
I also have a mushroom version if you are weird and like mushrooms better than bunnies ;)
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March 19, 2014

Wednesday favorites

 A very cool cat shell! The shells are made of recycled  cardboard.They are made by a Japanese company Oppo. I didn't quite understand how to order or even how much they cost, but, oh well... It'd be fun to transform my living room into an oyster bed ;)
If you speak French , more infos here.

 Sandal season is coming  YOOHOOO I love those polka dotted ones by Crocs. And I must say the striped pair is pretty too.

 More polka dots! Cute sneakers by Esprit!

 Now you can have you own Hobbit Hole. I know they are supposed to be for children but I can totally picture myself in there. And the cats would love it too!
A lovely seabird print shirt by Lilarubykingshop on Etsy. Love the bird, love the color combo...

And I just love cats sitting like humans. Look at this little guy chilling out in front of TV ^_^

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March 13, 2014

Giveaway continues...

Dina Fragola's 6th birthday giveaway runs till the end of the month. Win $50 in any of my shops!

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March 12, 2014

Wednesday favorites

 Yeah, another cat print, I know. I love cute art...This one is by 3crows on Etsy
Famous paintings improved by cats. This cracks me up, especially since the cat looks just like my Bob Mega Kitten.
 A super neat pizza shirt. I love the simple design of this...and I love pizza, and it would look cool with my Leonardo mask. By Xenotees.
 A great  upcycled ring for spring! By RenatheS. Check her shop, he also makes those amazing resin rings I mentioned in a previous post.

Star Wars ships and vehicles amigurumi. How to bring geek and kawaii together! By Ana from Mysteriouscats. She also made the perfect Halloween pumpkin hat for my cats. See photos here and here.

This house. If I had had more  decent photos of this one, it would have deserved an entire post. Typical Art Déco house from this area of Belgium. That specific one is in Dour. Dour was very prosperous for the first half of the 20th century. It still has some amazing Art Déco houses and buildings, though most are not in very good condition now and the whole town could easily be qualified as "fourth world" now. I spent most of my childhood there. I remember taking long walks in town with my gran. She lived there all her life so she knew all the streets and shortcuts and cute alleys. I guess that's where my taste for Art Déco architecture comes from. I'd see all those beautiful houses, visited a few where my gran's friends lived. I did go inside the house pictured here. It had the most beautiful  round staircase (in the round part of the house on the right on the first picture) with beautiful colored glass paneled windows. The house is actually for sale now, I am tempted to ask for a visit so I could peek through those cute little windows at the top. It must be the best attic ever.

March 05, 2014

Wednesday favorites

 Cute little toadstool pillows...designed for little Ikea cute and clever :) By WhisperofthePipit on Etsy.
 "Kaiju moonlight battle" by Chetart, also on Etsy. Artist's personal website is here. I love his work. I have had La Muerte Rosa on my wall for some years now.
 A very unusual house for sale in Malibu. I really like is a mix between a Flintstones house and something out of the Planet of The Apes movies. I love how the kitchen and bathroom are pretty much carved in the walls. Too bad it used to belong to some creep who had it built with slavery money.

 A dragonfly sweater by Esprit. Even though it's grey I would seriously consider buying it if it was not sold out.
 Gorgeous amazing skirts by Love to Love You on Etsy.
A unicorn sweatshirt...have you noticed the horn is an ice cream cone? Adorableness is by Jule et Lily available on Alittlemarket 

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March 01, 2014

March birthday giveaway!

Yes, Dina Fragola turns 6! Hard to believe I opened my Etsy shop 6 years ago already. Lots of things have happened since then...
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