September 26, 2019

Current pouch stock

All the recent pouches have been listed and are availbale in my SHOP
I have 3 Care Bears ones...all OOAK as they're made with fabric pieces from my own collection.

 With a little teddy bear, everything is cuter :)

And one perfect for fall!

Get them HERE Prices from $15.50 to $18.00. Fast shipping.


StaroftheEast said...

The one with the mushrooms is my favorite, but they all are very cute!

Tina Lindholm Kanerva said...

They are all nice, but the one with sort of flowery geometric shapes... 😍

Print Cut Hang said...

So cute carry-all bags. My favorite is the last one.

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Such cute pouches!
I like the almost abstract big flowery ones most :)

Natalya said...

I like. It is so bright and festive