February 02, 2009

Lucky and Eurofied

The Winter sales are over :( but I got some cute new clothes. Sorry, I have been extremely lazy and haven't taken a picture of anything so far (Booooooh me).

And I won a blog contest! I just thought , wow, I never win anything on blog giveaways... I won this

from Crafterall Etsy shop (thanks Marnie). The giveaway was on Lillyella 's blog, so thanks a lot to her too :)The other good news is that Eurofied Valentine Sampler boxes went on sale yesterday....and 6 have already sold! So, quick go get one before they're all gone. http://geteurofied.etsy.com/.


AgapeLiz said...

Congrats! That is gorgeous!

Greet said...

wow, congrats with being the winner, and may the sapler also bring you many many sales ! :-)))

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