September 18, 2009


I am pretty lucky these days. Not only did I win those Crocs, I also won a free meal at Ikea...and Bianca's giveaway ( check her Etsy shop here).

My goodies :) I had a $25 voucher and I picked the lovely pink butterfly and the green birdie neckalces.

There's a Euro Million draw tonight, I think my chances are pretty good ;)


PussDaddy said...

Your luck rubbed off on me! I was reading this blog post of yours earlier, and my husband just called from the bar down the street and he had won $850 playing KENO, which is a number game similar to Bingo. Yay!


Nathalie said...

I am glad to be contagious ;)

Paperfection said...

That's great! Also posting to see if it will rub off on me too.. ;-))
Must check that lottery ticket right away!