March 26, 2010

My new Moo

My new Moo (free) cards and stickers :) The Moo business card is the one at the bottom. The top card is a free Vista Print one. I like those too. You can see the difference of colors between the 2 cards made from the same Photshop file. The Vista Prints ones are more "true colored" but I like the vintage feel of the Moo ones.

I might order the free ones with the Dawanda discount too ;)


Shebbodesign said...

Great card designs, I like the vista print's color much! thanks for sharing Dina :)

CoccinelleRouge said...

They are absolutely awesome!

RitaJC said...

Nice cards!

LeelaBijou said...

Adorable! :)
They look perfect with your designs in them :)

Epp said...

Lovely new cards!

I also placed an order recently, for the 50 free cards plus 10 sample cards (so in the end I should receive 60 business cards). Haven't received them yet, but I'm anxiously waiting. Yours are truly pretty! :)