February 24, 2011

Of things...

Junk Lady from the movie Labyrinth
Don't you feel overwhelmed by your belongings sometimes?
I have a strange relationship with "things". On one hand I am a collector (of all things Alice in Wonderland mostly), on the other I don't get attached to objects much.
I have no interest in expensive "brand" items...and if you ask me what my most beloved possession is it'd be a tie between an old falling apart pillow, a worn down teddy bear and a fossilized and gross piece of chocolate I cannot bring myself to throw away. Well, of course those 3 items are very emotional things to me.
So how did I end up with so much clutter ?
And how did I end up as a would-be "maker and seller of stuff"?


limonada said...

I can totally relate to you!
I have so many things..! Sometimes I just want to throw all of it away!

StaroftheEast said...

LOL :)
I'm very attached to my stuff! But since a few years I do throw away several bags of things I don't need want and is actually totally nothing!
And I check my clothes every year or so to give away those I never wear or do not fit in anymore as they have been there for 15 years :)

DemyBlackDesign said...

I'm trying to get rid of old stuff but sometimes it's just impossible as they are not only things but also memories....