February 25, 2011

Sale Fairy is here

I was lucky enough to catch the sale fairy released by IngerMaaike. And my fairy flew all the way from Norway to me with her fluffy soft wings :)

On this first picture you can see her approaching...look it's a tiny spot in the 3rd lower half on the left of the tree!

Fairy about to land...

...in a bush!

And finally resting a bit in the grass.
I am very pleased with my fairy, she works well and also keeps me warm (as I can put her around my neck like a scarf) :)


StaroftheEast said...

Wow, what an arrival :D

DemyBlackDesign said...

She is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Erna Price said...

Amazing fairy! And I loved how you showed her arrival. I hope she'll bring you lots of sales!