November 23, 2012

Because I have nothing better to nail polish set

These days I don't get to buy too many things for myself...nothing useless and just for fun anyway. And somehow, the less you buy, the less you want...But when I heard of a nail polish advent calendar, my "want mode" switched back on instantly. And fortunately for me it was not too crazily expensive either. I mean 42 euros for 20 nail polishes and 4 caviar ball bottles seemed like a good deal to me.
If you've been looking for that Ciaté mini mani set, you probably know it is quite hard to find if you're in Europe. But I found it on QVCUK where it was sold out at first but you could sign up to be on a waiting list. I didn't have long to wait and today my package was in the mail.
The postman must have heard me screamed too ;)

 You get a little bottle behind each door. The bottles are smaller than regular Ciaté bottles, but if you're like me, you never use up a bottle of nail polish anyway.
I had to try the caviar manicure right away. I won't bore you with a tutorial as there are  literally hundreds on youtube
I am not very skilled at applying polish in general, but that look was fairly easy to achieve. It's really fun and cute...and it does stay on better than I had hoped. It won't last for days though.
On the whole I like all the colors minus 1 or 2...but even those could look cool with other I ordered some nail stencils too (here).

And as a bonus, this package also made Pepita happy ^_^


MysteriousCats Amigurumi Patterns said...

That's super fun! Love it!
Gladly it seems Pepita did not want to add some fur decoration to your nails ;)

Kreativlink said...

What??? You mean you opened all the doors already??? :D