February 14, 2014

Valentine cats

Pepita: "Sitting on your agenda, being your top priority."

Turn to the right...

Turn to the left..."I am hearing pawsteps..."

Gazette approaching: "Damn, the agenda is taken..."

Eugénie : "Yes, I like having my hair entangled and matted, why? Don't touch me, don't touch me , don't touch me"


Philibert. No, not pulling his tongue at Diego...just his natural derpy look.

Exquisite little paws

Bob:"I am scared, that's not the usual camera, maybe it's a trick to sell me to the sausage factory..."
Cats are cool.
The other night, I was in bed with the flu, and Pepita came next to me and gently put her paw  on my elbow. And she just stayed there. Well, then again, maybe she was just claiming possession of the hoomin.

A few days before Doudou passed away he was sleeping near me on my bed. Philibert joined us. Now, you have to remember that Doudou and Philibert used to be arch enemies. The numbers of epic battles they had...And that night little Philibert gently booped Doudou's nose and rubbed his cheek against his...and they both purred.

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baahar said...

I agree, cats are so cool. They make life more interesting for sure :)