January 16, 2015

Friday favorites

 While desperately trying to find something to listen to to cover the noise the neighbor was making with his car engine running all evening, I found this great site, TableTop Audio, "Original, 10 minute ambiences and music for your tabletop role-playing games".
It works great as background noise for any activity requiring some concentration...and I admit I have already fallen asleep to the sound of  "Orbital Platform" several times.

 I guess this house is already kind of famous. This is Bob Hope's UFO house, located in Southern California. It was designed  in the 70's by architect John Lautner. It reminds me of so many novels from the Golden Era of science fiction...in my mind this is straight out of the planet Aurora in Isaac Asimov's books.  More photos available here.

I  currently am in a house-remodeling mood. This wallpaper from Anthropologie would be perfect for my living room. 
 I recently discovered this amazing shop on Etsy, ParlorTattooPrints. I love the retro style...and it doesn't hurt they have similar movie tatstes to mine ;)  Star Wras, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Wes Anderson, Tim Burton and more...

How SQUEEEEE is this magnet? It is by PopDoggie on Etsy. It'd make a great Valentine present for any cat lover.

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OMG, I slow blink you is THE BEST!