March 20, 2015

Partial solar eclipse

 It started with the hunt for solar eclipse glasses. They were sold out in shops but I knew I had some, somewhere, from the 1999 eclipse.
I looked and searched everywhere I could think of...then I gave up when the weather forecasts pretty much all agreed we  wouldn't be seeing anything due to fog.
Then around 4 am last night a weird buzzing sound woke me up. A loud, very loud sound to wake me up (I don't wear my hearing aid to sleep).
It was so loud, and so first I thought some planes were flying over the house again and again...then I figured it was a car in the street...But by then I was wide awake and had to investigate...especially since the cats were awake too and were all rushing out of the bedroom.
No, it was not some electrical malfunction, nor plane, nor car nor space alien, nor was a HUGE fluffy bumblebee... I tried to catch it but Frank, the bug hunter, caught it first.
Well, there I was, awake in the middle of the night...considering whether it was a good idea to have breakfast that early...when I sudddenly remembered where those eclipse glasses were. And indeed, there they were, in one of the few boxes still not unpacked from the move ( huh, yes, OK, that was almost 6 years ago).
9.30 am...things didn't look too hopeful, foggy, cloudy sky...and then slowly the skies cleared...

The cats were not very interested. I can't blame them because a partial eclipse is not terribly spectacular...

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Stephanie Kilgast said...

LOL! no indeed a partial eclipse isn't terribly spectacular :D
too much clouds here and I also completely forgot about it ^^'
Thanks for sharing the pics :)