May 19, 2015

The kittens' birthday


Well, turning 6 today means they're not really kittens anymore...but they'll always be my babies ;)
Happy birthday Frank and Bob!

I don't like parties

I don't like crowds

I'll hide here until it's over

Pepita: Where there's a party, there's tuna.

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Lucie Tales said...

Happy birthday!! I love the one hiding avoiding the crowd ;-)

BHB Kidstyle said...

Happy birthday bob and Frank!
It is difficult a share a flat with a party animal if yourself don't like crowds. :)

AToM said...

They're so cute!
It's amazing how they've grown older and older! It's also a good reminder of your moving in the new home! Maybe you should all have cat-party to celebrate :)

Unknown said...

Happy birthday! Hope all had lots of b-day tuna!

Reyes said...

Happy birthday! Our eldest dog is 13 now and we still call him baby Ciro...