May 18, 2018

Dayjob, part 2 - Second Day

The neverending story...
The least I can say is that I was majorly under impressed by my first day.

Comes day 2...I finally met my boss...and, well, trust your first impression...this is not going to be a smooth ride. One of the first things she told me is that she had many lovers. Do.I. If she couldn't find anything more important to tell me on our first meeting...
I also met my new colleagues as the Polish girl was gone. Turns out I already knew one of them, so that was cool. Also turned out that she hated the boss...with a passion...
On top of my 2 colleagues there was also a "volunteer". I never found out what she was doing there (other than spilling coffee and bread crumbs all over the place, no we're not supposed to eat here but she had hypoglycemia, or so she said)...why would you choose to "work" for a shop anyway? Thankfully she left after a couple of months. Maybe she was just a spy for our boss, a thing we really can't put past her...just kind of funny the "spy" was not too strict about the rules. I won't say more as I don't want to get anyone into trouble.
Colleagues were less than kind with their comments on the boss...everything they told me was true and still not quite strong enough as I soon found out.

I started using the "in house" shop software. Very dated. Very poorly written. Full of bugs. Full of loopholes. Cost 5000 euros according to boss. Not sure if it was that badly designed on purpose or just out of sheer incompetence. How can I describe it? In a couple of weeks I basically discovered that you could change whatever you wanted in there...stocks, prices, tickets. I still have no idea why we could access that as there would have been easy ways to lock us out of those options.
Then there was the  ticket issue. We were supposed to print out the tickets on a regular office printer (as our cash register was just  a regular desk computer). Boss was adamant we had to print tickets on a sheet of paper cut in 4. But it was not possible. The paper would get stuck in the printer EVERY SINGLE TIME. Also the ticket was blank  as we couldn't center the print and everything would get "ghost printed" before it reached the paper. And we didn't have administrator access so we could change that ouserselves...Right, we could change everything we wanted in the shop software but not in the printer settings.
I gave up telling the boss after the third attempts...and we kept a pile of pretend cut-in-4 sheets by the computer and printed on a whole sheet. And when the boss would come to the shop, and saw us printing on a whole sheet...we just kept saying we forgot...and each time we were lectured about the waste of paper. Really.
We were soon accused of not only using lots of paper but also ink, and cleaning products. Oh, and water too. Not very suprising as we learned through customers and previous workers that the  teams before us never printed anything (no, no tickets) and never cleaned anything either (I could tell). So, yeah, we were indeed using more ink, paper, cleaning products and water.
But to our boss, she were printing stuff for ourselves (not sure what), stole the cleaning products and probably did our laundry with the shop washing machine too. Oddly (or not) we didn't have any laundry detergent  even though we were supposed to wash the shop stuff there. When I asked for some, boss said there was no budget for that. So laundry was done with hand soap. Whatever.

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StaroftheEast said...

Such a weird weird place, sounds like some kind of soviet shop in the 80's :///