September 27, 2018

My first pin!

My first pin is available in my Dina Fragola shop
It is just as cute as I'd hoped!

But the backing card is wrong. I wrote the company about that but 24 hours later I still got no answer.
I sure won't be recommanding that company LOL. They were not very comfortable to deal with even before that, you know  that weird gut feeling...It's too bad because the end products are really good quality.
I'll be trying  another company for my next patch and pin.

The silver lining of the wrong backing card is that I can promote the pin not only as a cat paw (the design is based on the paw of my cat Diego) but also as a dog and bunny paw (thanks, people for the idea...)
The pin is 8.50 Euro, max 2 euros shipping (depending on where you live), free shipping in Belgium and /or if shipped with another item. Get it here!


StaroftheEast said...

Such an adorable pin!

Natalya said...

it looks cute. but I see no claws))

Stephanie Kilgast said...

such a cute pin!
And yes indeed, it works well as a cat, dog or bunny paw XD