November 02, 2018

Remodelling the bedroom

So I have decided I need to remodel my bedroom. Actually that's long overdue as I haven't done anything in here since I moved in in 2009.
Like I have nothing else to do. My Shopify shop needs work and other things should be more urgent but nooo, I have to remodel the bedroom.
I am sick tired of that stupid flower and butterfly wallpaper (I loved it back then...) and I NEED to declutter too.

My  main problem is that the bedroom is dark, it is North-East oriented and there are a building and high hedge in front of the window.
I have heavily edited the light in these pictures.

Also I'd like to move the furniture around...but it's kind of small and haven't come up with a new layout yet.

Maybe I'll put the glass case in another room...

So, colorwise, I want the bedhead wall all gold and the other walls very light pink with golden geometric pattern. I'm trying very hard not to have critter/flower pattern this time...


Stephanie Kilgast said...

If you'd like your room to be lighter, maybe add a white wall as well, just for light reflection.
Another thing would be to add mirrors.
Have fun with the bedroom! The rest can wait :D

StaroftheEast said...

Oh wow, that wall paper would drive me crazy :D I always go for white walls as I have so much stuff they color the walls anyway :D
Maybe glue some very light paper inside those glass doors of the cabinet for more light and a less cluttered look?

Natalya said...

O there are so many toys and flowers and butterflies. It looks like a little girl's bedroom. I also live in a dark apartment. I do not know how to deal with this.