December 21, 2018

Headspace, guided meditation

Along the years I have tried meditation several times. 
It is supposedly good for all kind of things, including auto-immune diseases.  I tried several times with books by Matthieu Ricard but had trouble keeping practicing
Then last June, while searching for sleep sounds, I once again came upon Headspace. I decided to go for their free month trial. And I got hooked.
So 6 months later I still meditate pretty much every day, every night I should say. I know that the main purpose is not falling asleep but it’s the main effect it has on me.
The whole thing is very simple, the process is clear and you don’t have to achieve anything…just go with the flow really.
The app has cute little animations to explain the main concepts.
And they have really cool “sleepcasts”, which are probably my favorite thing and completely worth the subscription.
Sleepcasts are little audio stories with soothing voices and sounds (ASMR style). Sea, forest, garden, snow, river sounds. Every time you listen, it’s slightly different so it’s never repetitive.
There’s also a nice selection of soothing mix of music and sounds that I like to listen too when I read as it helps with my tinnitus.
There’s currently a New Year offer for a yearly subscription. But you can try the free month first and see if it works for you. It hasn’t changed my life but it sure helped me in more ways than one.

A couple years ago, I noticed a new app called Headspace was popular but guided meditation felt too much like a gimmick to me so I never  tried it, you know like those whale sound CD’s from the old days.
PS: I am not getting paid or getting any freebies for this blogpost.


StaroftheEast said...

I'm glad this helps you sleep, and coping with your tinnitus as well!

Arctida said...

Great tip and thanks for sharing Nathalie! I've been having some trouble with sleeping lately so I will try anything once or one month in this case :)