February 21, 2019

The Captain Cosmos is now closed

I am a little sad my Etsy plug shop is now gone. I loved the design and kitschy feel...and my Marvin looked majestic AF!
But you can now find my plugs on www.dinafragola.com (work in progress) and Storenvy.

In other news, the weather is still really nice.
I am still not happy with any of the new logos/design for the new business cards.
I bought paint to remodel the second bedroom and the chair I'm painting is at a standstill because I ran out of paint and can't find another spray can in the same color :/


Natalya said...

You constantly come up with something.
  This is the development))

StaroftheEast said...

I hope the new shops will work much better for you than Etsy did!
Spray paint is somehow never enough, I always use acrylic paint for furniture and then varnish it.

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Best of luck with your new shop!
i never use spray paint, I find that pretty awful to be honest, maybe try a brush and acrylic?