October 24, 2019

New labels

As I had used up all my old (over 10 year old) woven labels, I decided to ordee r new ones...even if I don't really sell much, it's more fun to have pouches complete with cute labels ;)

The new label has already debuted in the newly made pouches (not  listed yet).
So from now on, if you get a pouch with the older label...that will be a collectible ;)
This was the first label
I ordered them from Woven Label UK. I have a discount code (valid till June30, 20) of 10% if you're interested. Just ask me.


StaroftheEast said...

Those labels are super cute, we should put some in our bags too!

Orangerinka said...

They look really cute and stand out👌

Arctida said...

Such a smart idea to put your shops web address in your label! I checked the shop and I liked all those different options that they have, perhaps I will order some as well :)

Natalya said...

It looks very pretty

Print Cut Hang said...

Pretty labels ♥

Stephanie Kilgast said...

such pretty labels :) they fit the cuteness of your pouches