September 21, 2009

CROCS giveaway

Well, it's official, I am Europe biggest fan :D and to celebrate, I'll offer a lucky winner a pair of Crocs of her/his choice.
You can enter if you voted for my photo (OK, I can't check this so I'll trust you), all you have to do is go to the Crocs website and tell me what is your favorite pair (also tell me the color and size) in the comments below.
I'll pick a winner on Wednesday at noon, Brussels time (yes, it's quick but I have to send my list back to Crocs ASAP) with
PLEASE NOTE, if you win and your favorite pair is not available (I'll have to check in the stock sheet Crocs gave me) and if I can't reach you soon enough to ask for another choice, I'll pick something in the same style/color.
Update: If you really hate Crocs (even though they have a zillion different STYLES), you can still enter, and you'll win a chocolate bar/box of to be chosen on the Belgian Côte D'Or website
UPDATE (Noon, Brussels time) The giveaway is now closed. Thank you for taking part.


Kreativlink said...

Oh that's very generous Dina!
I already got the chocolate so please, don't pick me as a winner this time :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I did vote for you!! I don't know if it counts because I am in the US. but if it does.

I like the blitzen, m6/w8, bubblegum.

I am also following you on your blog to.. Congrats on your win.

BTW took me a bit to find comments. I know 2 languages. English and Pig latin

steinschmuckdesign said...

Dina, congrats on your winning again, that was such a Great Team spirit and because of your Voting I was part of the spirit, so I thank you!
I would love to get a pair of crocs:)
size 38,5

Nathalie said...
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Nathalie said...

Oh, yes it counts! I'll ship anwyhere :) And sorry, I couldn't pick my blog language, it seems blogspot chooses according to where you are located...

Amy Marshall said...

Congrats! I voted & even tweeted to help! I like the trokia in chocolate or the celeste canvas in chocolate/sienna. I'm size UK5/EU37-38. I actually don't own a pair of Crocs...yet. =)

MGMart said...

I am so very happy for you Nathalie!! Congartulation!!!
I trully think your photo was the best too!! It was so nice and really nerve wracking in the end when you have won the competition!
And lucky K won the chocolate! Congrats Renate :)
I wish I have some nice Chocolate from Belgium!!!! :D
Anyway, back to my choice...I love the lydia winter in size: W6

PussDaddy said...

WEll, let's see. Cayman, black W9.
Thanks for doing this.


baahar said...

I looked and looked .. and looked yet again, but couldn't find any model I like :)

Maybe my cousin who put the link on her Facebook account would like one. I will ask her tomorrow :)

Again: I'm really happy for you that you've won the contest :)

Sigmosaics said...

nathalie .. i am super happy you won! That was such a nail biting time!

I voted most definately .. but as i do not want to win a pair of crocs can you put me in the draw to win some of the yummy chocolate in stead .. please ? :D

Kerrin xox

Lesley said...

I knew you would win!!!
Congratulations, it's a really great photo. I'd love a pair,size uk 6 .I like those capri suede.

Green Hand Studio said...

Congras for you winning. The photo was really the best, so you deserve it!
It has been a real team Marathon, with a lot of stress especially when everybody we were waiting for the result the night before ....and then found out there was a day more to wait!!....
Any way with all this talking i forgot which crocs I like.
Yes i think it was the polar mammoth, any color, size 37.
Lets see if I am lucky....

ira said...

Congrats Nathalie!:)))

I don't fancy crocs either, hehehe and got plenty Swiss Chocolate aussi ici, so what should I do?
Gosh, oke if I won, please get a child crocs for a girl size 28 in any style that you think is good Nathalie, that's should be it!:)

ingermaaike said...

I would love a pair of matilda plum espresso ones size 37..

BNdesign said...

Wow that is generous!

I love the Lily Winter
(black, navy or plum)
I have euro size 37(,5)38 (so W7)

oh those Lydia Winter are also gorgeous...

Kuutydruk said...

Congrats again to you! I like your photo the best and i think you deserved to win. And it was so exciting to paticipate in voting.
Happy for you dear!
Thought long, should i or not to be part of this giveaway. This is super nice of you and shows how kind person you are.
So... I'd love to have a bit part of your luck :)
My faves are Crocs Linden in mushroom and chocolate :)
Big warm hug to you!

Happybee said...

Hi Nathalie!!!!
I voted for you twice!
you are so generous with this give away!
Well...if I'd be the winner, I would love to receive crocks capri, size w6, color white fuxia.

Matt said...

Well, if you are offering chocolate, who am I to say no :-)

gr8jewellery said...

Congrats again on winning!!! It was stressful even for us trying to bring you as many votes as we could, but such great team spirit :)

This is so sweet of you to give away a pair of your crocs! If I'm so lucky I'd like the Blitzen Polar in black please. Size EUR 38 or UK 5. Thank you so much!

StaroftheEast said...

Finally I could open your blog, having huge problems with blogger :(
I would loooove to win some crocs, have a few favorites, but I think this one is my most favorite:
Size 38-39, in black of course :)
Please pick me gne gne :)

Babongo Handmade said...

Hi Nathalie,

Well, you ARE the biggest fan, but I also like the Lydia in size 39, black. So, would love to win, but the whole thing has been a blast already.
You are very generous!!


Jealousydesign said...

Is it too late?? I havent been able to leave any comment until now, this blogger problem is driving me crazy!

well. I voted for you :)

I cant just choose is shoes and it is crocs.. but ok my favs is the ones I havent seen before:
Gretel is so sweet! Size W7 (37-38) color espresso/mushroom

jealousydesign said...

Argh! I posted with the wrong account! It is no link from it.