October 30, 2013

Wednesday favorites

 This adorable shirt is by Hot Topics. Yes, I have way too many Alice in Wonderland shirts, but I still want this one.
 And, yes, I have way too many bunny shirts too but no mustard one. I need a mustard one, right? Mustard is my current fav color this season. This sweet top is from Kitty's Finds store. Check her store, it is filled with very affordable kawaii things!

 And, yes, I have way too many Crocs too. But Crocs are my "happy shoes". I see Crocs and I smile. Those pink and green sneakers look like I designed them...and , OK, I hardly ever wear sneakers. Still on my wishlist.
 Dorota from Emugallery has one of the most gorgeous shops on Dawanda. Simple, cute, elegant designs!

 I know nothing of this house. I saw it on Tumblr but no link. It is perfect. I want to live in the tower! I'll even take the snow...even though I hate snow.

A-piers To Be Tan, a new nail polish color by OPI in their San Francisco collection. I have been looking for a cinammon color like that for ages. It will pretty much match my entire winter wardrobe. Plus I love OPI's cheesy puns ;)


Stephanie Kilgast said...

Hehe cool finds :)

JoanneZammit said...

Love them all!

Lazyfish said...

I love these crocs!I am a sneakers and pink fan <3