October 24, 2013

Wednesday favorites

Yeah,yeah,I know it's Thursday. I just had a very busy week, and I am not skilled at scheduling my posts.

 This is one of the cutest science books ever. PROFESSOR ASTRO CAT’S FRONTIERS OF SPACE by

Dr. Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman

 Perfect colors by Sugarpill. I already own some Sugarpill makeup and the colors are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. This is the Heartbreaker Palette .

One of my dreams is to own a piece of clothing by Supayana. I remember the days I kept being outbid on Ebay ;) Check her store for more marvelous items.
I love those shoes from Newlook. Simple,cute,cheap and what a pretty color! They're currently sold out on the site though but you may still find them in shops if you're lucky! 

This adorable backpack is also from Newlook . Owls, must I add anything more? *_*

And another pair of shoes...custom design made by Pony Chops  . KITTEHS!!!!!!

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