November 06, 2013

Wednesday favorites 4

Another shirt I love on Dawanda. The whole shop, THOKKTHOKK ORGANIC CLOTHING,
 is super too...they also have shirts for males (gift ideas...). I like the stripes and color combo of this one. Added to my wishlist!

A cute poodle brooch. I adore the retro feel of this one. It is from Ginnyandjudes on Etsy. I can picture it on my winter coat...

Let's get in the mood for Christmas with those irresistible holly cookie earrings by PetitPlat. If you don't know her work yet (you must have been living in a cave) check her shop right now! She is the queen of food miniatures!

The mushroom furniture set in Animal Crossing New Leaf. I got that Nintendo game for my birthday back in June and I am addicted. If you're not familiar with the game, in short, you're the mayor of a cute little town and you can buy/collect (among zillions of other things) furniture sets to put in your house. The sets change with season and holidays. This is the fall set. I was completely stoked when I found my first mushroom piece!

I have told you already about my Mothman obsession here and now MaidenVoyageClothing, who made my cool cryptozoology shirt, is also making patches. This one is my fav of course, but I like the whole set too. I might need them sooner or later. Have no idea what to sew them on yet though.
A bunny...I have a slight obsession with bunnies too. OK, to be exact this is a baby hare made by TheLeveretsNest. They make the cutest things...and you always need a bunny baby hare.