December 25, 2013

Wednesday favorites: one of my favorite places, a Pet Rescue

A different pick today. A pet rescue I visit twice a year. It is called Les Petits Vieux (The little old guys). The people there rescue mostly old cats and dogs (and other animals) that people abandon or  leave behind when they go to retirement homes or die. Once there the animals stay there until their natural death.

This is the cats area, a large enclosed field with wooden shelters...insulated, heated shelters. There are about 100 cats there. Most of them are cuddly so it is fun to sit on a chair and cuddle them...endlessly...

Yes, I am cat too, why do you ask?

Yes, we are cats too.

The dogs are in another area. The "house" part. There are many galgos rescued from the Spanish death tracks, some dogs were rescued from puppy mills. They are all rather chubby now ;) 

It is extremely fun to sit there and cuddle some dogs for a change!

My, my, this is a nice smelling knee...


baahar said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day. The facility is gorgeous too :)

Annuk said...

Such a lovely place and a wonderful initiative for older animals! And it looks like it's kept with lots of love! Thank you for sharing, it is indeed heartwarming to know there are people who really care about animals! So beautiful to read at Christmas, which after all is about LOVE and not about buying stuff! :)
Happy Holidays, Nathalie! To you and all your adorable furries!
Anna & Zoe

JuanitaTortilla said...

How noble! I admire kind souls that create a safe haven for the precious innocent creatures.