January 05, 2014

Winter sales haul

In Belgium there are only 2 legal months for shops to have sales, July and January. That's usually when I get a wardrobe and accessories renewal. 

A new handbag...by Nica. Pepita has already nicked it a bit ;)
Apple shirt by Esprit...2 euros because not only was it on sale but I had a voucher too ;)

Squirrel sweater by L&L. I need the matching cardigan but I'll wait a bit more to it's 50% off too. Yes, I have a thing for tops with something on them...bunnies,cats,squirrels,bugs... They also have a French bulldog sweater in the same style.

T-shirt also by L&L. 
Dragonfly top by JBC.
I love the collar!

Dragonfly long sleeve t-shirt also by JBC

And the matching velvet pants. Stoked that I have found PINK velvet pants :)


kraplap said...

great finds ! I love those dragonflies !!

baahar said...

hui, that's a lot of new stuff :) Love the apple shirt!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

oh wow, tons of stuff you got!