November 14, 2014

Friday favorites

 Custom pet portrait pillows by Shebbodesign on Etsy. Dreaming of having a pillow made after each of my kittens  ^_^

 A cat Christmas sweater...the cat reminds me of Pepita too :) Available on at Newlook.

 The coolest nail wraps... Gold chevrons nail wraps by SoGloss.
 What can I say?  One of my fav color combos, polka dots, transparant heels, kawaii details... Trinkletina by Irregular Choice.

 And what about this incredible bag? Eco-consious,made out of a vintage tea towel, fantastic colors (I am obsessed with that shade of green at the moment), cool design. Made by JuanitaTortilla.

And this would make a pretty neat Christmas present. Serenity Pod Bed.

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