November 28, 2014

Friday favorites

An incredibly cute little crocheted trailer. It is made by Kate from Greedy for Colors. Not for sale, but still incredible. I want to be able to make neat stuff like that ....
 My favorite Xmas sweater this year. A Fox in the snow one by Yumi. Seems to be sold out everywhere already.

 SQUEEEEEE a baby platypus candy bowl. Barruntando on Etsy.

A scary cool candle in the shpae of the infamous Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Availabe on Firebox. If you've seen the movie, well, no explantion needed...if you haven't, time to watch the film ;-)

And finally the trailer for the next Jurassic Park movie. I must say it looks fairly cool. OK, I might be a little bit excited about this one... Even though, well, who would go ahead with a plan for a dinosaur park knowing how well that went so far...And yeah, let's make a genetically enhanced even more dangerous dinosaur, because , you know all the others were so , huh, lame? Oh, yeah, and let's have that gigantic aquatic monster like 10 meters away from the audience, because, what could go wrong, really? And are they actually having velociraptor races? O.o

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BHB Kidstyle said...

That crochet dollhouse is amazing!