January 09, 2015

Friday favorites

 I  know  I posted it here before...but I love it ;) The animal calendar by Frau Ottilie on Dawanda. My favorite month is May...with its May bug.

 Another killer dress by Yumi. This one is called Twinkle Twinkle dress and is covered with a star chart. Available here.
 Isn't this the cutest moth ever? Needle felted moth by Nodsu on Etsy.

 DHC deep cleansing oil...in retro Alice in Wonderland packaging. My Japanese friend sent those to me for my Alice collection... I decided to try the product but I was not that crazy about spreading olive oil (well, not just olive oil but mainly) on my face...what a pleasant surprise. It works great, removes make up like a charm, leaves the skin soft...and is super easy to remove with water. I guess I was expecting something like those horrible 2 part make up removers, you know, the type you have to shake to mix...and are greasy and get in your eyes...
No longer available in the Alice packaging (unless you try eBay) but you can get the regular product anywhere that sells DHC.

More Alice in Wonderland. During my winter break I visited the exhibition of Disney ice sculptures in Liège. It was really neat...especially the Alice  part (no,no, I am not biased). I'll make a post with all my photos soon.

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Stephanie Kilgast said...

The calendar is adorable :)