September 14, 2015

The kitchen makeover

After 5 years of bright greens, a kitchen makeover was long overdue. I opted for wallpaper this time as the kitchen walls are pretty rough and not nice at all (not sure why I let myself talked into painting them in the first place).
You may notice Eugénie...

This cat print reminds me of my beloved Le-Quart-d'une-Noix who, I swear, could hear the sound of milk!

Old mismacthed furniture was painted blue

No kitchen is complete without a chopping board kitten

Wallpaper by Pip Studio
Blue paint by Colora
Cat print by Helendardik on Etsy


Stephanie Kilgast said...

ooooh! I LOVE it! it is so adorable! and I love the white cabinet and wood work tablet. I want white and wood too haha, we have grey yikes.
And I'm usually not a big wallpaper fan but I really like yours.
And I love all the cute colorful details... and the fluffy cat :)
Very much in love :)

Heyme said...

Not a fan of wallpaper here, but a big fan of the cutting board princess :-)
Hope the wallpaper is the kind you can wash for the kitchen!

AToM said...

Great makeover!
I love the wallpaper, and the colors are looking amazing!
And your fluffy cat is too cool to be true! :P

Unknown said...

Great job! Love colorful kitchens!!!

StaroftheEast said...

Super kitsch and quirky, it's a little like a doll house, you'll never grow up there :)