October 02, 2015

Friday favorites

An amazing Star Trek The Next Generation print by Jennyparksillus on Etsy.  I love that Data is a white cat who looks just like my Diego. And the Wesley kitten is spot on too.

A beautiful ring by Mariaela also on Etsy. It is a "shake ring" the litlle gold nuggets actually move around. I am a sucker for that type of jewelry...with anything that moves inside...and this one is not just cool in that way, it's pretty too!

A pizza pouch. Need I say more? From Stupidiotic.

Pouch in action...yeah, it's gross LOL

A gorgeous eyemake-up  palette inspired by Edward Scissorhands from Sugarpill. Very limited edition. There are 2 nail polishes too...the white one, Ice Angel, is amazingly pretty, like little snowflake on your nails.

And another mesmerizing time lapse video from PetitPlat. This time she builds a miniature haunted house.

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