December 14, 2015

My favorite Christmas films

Ho ho ho  who  would have thought I have favorite Christmas films? ;) 

* A Charlie Brown Christmas
  Because it's sweet, cute and...well perfect really.

 *A Muppets Family Christmas
  If only for this memorable scene where Kermit realizes he is under the holly ;)

 * Meet me in Saint Louis
    The classic musical by Vincente Minnelli starring Judy Garland. One year in the life of a family at      the beginning of the 20th century. You may not be familiar with the film but you must know one         its songs, "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas".
   Ultimate nostalgia attack...
 * Scrooged
   Starring Bill Murray before he got "trendy". This is a modern take on Dickens A Christmas Carol.
  Corny, full of clichés ...but it works...and I always ROTF when one the Christmas ghosts smashes Scrooge's   head with a toaster.

*  A Nightmare before Christmas
   A versatile movie if there ever was one. I suppose it'd work for Easter too as the Easter Bunny has a   cameo ^_^

*It's a Wonderful Life
  Classic feel good tale by Frank Capra.

 * Gremlins
  My absolute favorite...full of references to the It's a Wonderful Life. I make a wonderful singing Gizmo impression, but you'll have to take my word for it!

Warner Bros

So have you got any movies you like to watch around Christmas time?


StaroftheEast said...

Thanks for the suggestions, never watched scrooged and it has been ages since I watched gremlins :)

Nyuta said...

Great collection. Never see any of this. Need to watch some ;)

AToM said...

Thanks! I've watched just two of them :D and I love The Nightmare Before Christmas!
There's a big joke here regarding Christmas movies that appeared after the comunist regim had fallen (since before that we had only one or two hours of TV/daily). Every year before Christmas the first private network we had was playing Home Alone (several times) so it end up beeing every romanian Christmas movie, just like a tradition :P. Never liked it tough...
So actually I prefer watching Lord of the Rings on Christmas and Harry Potter isn't a bad choice either, even if they aren't Christmas movies they have a nice idea that children love "The good guys always win!"