March 21, 2016

Etsy is changing the shops appearance (again)...

 Well, that was bound to happen sooner or later as mobile devices are growing in numbers. The old familiar shop design no longer fits the requirements for those.
Here's a short summary of what you need to know about it...because the infos on Etsy are spread out on several different pages...

Shops banners are now called "cover photos", it is a bit like on Facebook.
You'll have 3 options:

1. Keep your old banner and your shop will look like this

   Be aware that the banner will only be visible on computer screens, not on mobile devices. Your shop will be bannerless on tablets and phones if you choose this option.

2. The new "cover photo" style.
  Your shop will look like this with the new cover photo

on a computer screen
On a tablet or phone (horizontal view)

On a tablet or phone (vertical view)
Note that the shop icon is slightly over the shop cover photo, so keep this in mind when designing your new "shop cover"
3. No cover photo. The first photos will be your listings. In my opinion this would be missing out on a branding opportunity, but some like the "down-to-business" style.

So far there's no way to check the new style in the Etsy app...currently there's no banner on the app but it seems that this will change.

Now if you decide to go for the new cover photo style here are some tips:

*  Minimum size : 1200 X 300  px
  Recommended size : 3360 X 840 px (yes, that's big)

* Don't add  your shop name UNLESS your name is also your logo (like in my case with The Captain Cosmos).
  If you go for text, keep it centered (my guess is that the cover photo sides will be cut off on the Etsy app, I may be wrong though) and big so it's still visible on mobile devices. And, as I've already written above), keep in mind that in the vertical view the shop icon covers the bottom of the "cover".

* Don't add your tag line. It wouldn't be very visible on mobiles devices + it would be redundant as it appears right under your shop name

If you are not familiar with Photoshop, Gimp or similar softwares you can use this: CANVA

Shop icons and profile photos don't change.
Shop icons are 500x500
Profile photos are 400X 400

The switch will take place on April 5, 2016


Stephanie Kilgast said...

I kinda like the new shop look on the computer.
I never really shop much on my Etsy using my smartphone, so not too sure if it's better or worse than before.
The only thing that I truly dislike are that the categories are just over your cover picture, so people can leave your shop much more easily.
But maybe that's just my own feeling about it.

StaroftheEast said...

For the first time I like an Etsy change, especially I like that they give a 3 weeks heads up and they give you options, 3 choices!

toosis said...

I would go with the second choice!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! I have to work in my shop and hopefully will be successful!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. At first I was not happy with the change but I have to admit that now I am.

Unknown said...

I love so much your banner! so funny!!!!

Katerina said...

Great to see oyour shop as sample. I did not have much time to look at mine yet, but I think I like the change.

Tina Lindholm Kanerva said...

Great post about the changes on Etsy, and what the three options mean.
This really helped me to decide what to do with my shops! I think the cover photo option looks better than banner. :-)

AToM said...

Thanks for the heads up Nathalie!

I like the second and the last variant! I think there are some shops that are more minimalistic and even tough there isn't a header they might look very professional and cool without one!

toosis said...

thank you dear, these are great tips. I2ll keep them in miind while working on my new banner