May 04, 2018

The day I (almost) died

Contemplation - Karen Hollingsworth
End of February. I started feeling really under the weather. I blamed it partly on my unfun job (that was coming to an end), the weather and a flu bug that all my colleagues seemed to share.
I went a first time to my GP who indeed diagnosed a stomach flu.
I didn't feel I was getting any better, went back to work and then one afternoon had to go back  home. Second visit to the GP, who again said it was a  nasty stomach flu. I was not convinced as pills for spams did nothing, but, well, you tend to want to trust your doctor, right?
I dragged myself all weekend, running a high fever...on Monday I tried to get another doctor appointment. Mine didn't have any spot until Tuesday morning...and I really didn't feel like I could wait that long nor drive myself anyway.
After 6pm I finally managed to get a doctor to make a house call. And just in time too as it turns out I had sepsis and was, well, dying.
An hour later I was in hospital under heavy antibiotics. My GP had missed an appendicitis...twice...
The week I spent in hospital is kind of blurry and feels very unreal. I am better now. I still have my appendix as the infection had spread too much to try to remove it. But I am completely exhausted both physically and mentally and to be honest I feel absolutely terrible.
If I could just sit at that desk on the painting and stare at the peace and quiet...


HolzundLeinen said...

OMG, how terrible and dramatic. I am very glad that you are feeling better now. Get well soon and take care of you.

StaroftheEast said...

Oh dear!! I hope you changed your doctor for good and made or will make a complaint, that is ridiculous!
I thought about you the other day but saw that you had listed that day so thought you were fine and didn't message you. Big hugs and healing vibes, glad you survived it all!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Oh god! Nat! I am so sorry about that! Glad to read you're kinda ok again, but what an awful situation to live through!
Many hugs, and try to sleep and rest as much as you can to get better!

Natalya said...

I wish you health