June 04, 2018

The tent - 2018

Unwrapping the tent
 It's that time of the year again when I set up a tent in the garden. My cheap way to go on vacation with the cats ;)
See last year post about the tent.
It's really nice to be in there when the sun sets and the critters comes out...hedgehogs, bats...
Selecting a spot

Almost there
The first camper has already arrived

Open for business
First guest of Camp McBain

A regular from last year...who still hasn't quite understood how to use the tent


StaroftheEast said...

Ah yes, I remember your tent days :)

Tina Lindholm Kanerva said...

I love the photo of the cat waiting for it to open! 😍

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Love that tent in your garden! it's such a good idea! :)