October 21, 2018

Bye Etsy

Last product photo for Etsy
So I had been spending hours each day editing, one more time, my product photos for Etsy. I had been re-writing my tags , one more time. I had just reached 1300 sales in my Dina Fragola Etsy shop, which sounds good but which is not as I should have reached that number during Christmas season LAST YEAR...when it hit me like a brick in the face...I was wasting my time...in a big way.
Etsy telling you that your shop is not working because YOU'RE not doing the right things, not putting enough work into it is total BS.
Their website is not good for little shops, it got even worse recently.
The idea had been in the back of my mind for a while but it suddenly became real. I needed to let those shops go. I was not doing myself any good keeping them.
 I am tired of being told everything is my fault, that  I am not doing the right things (not just on Etsy, but also by the unemployment agency...that is zero help)
It's such a relief in a way. It has only been a few days and I've already read 2 books in my new free time.
I am not closing them cold, I'll just let the listings expire which means my Captain Cosmos shop will be gone by February 17, 2019 and my Dina Fragola Etsy shop will be history on May 1 (because I still have over 8000 free listings I have to use up by December 31 and plan to relist my whole shop in one go on New Year's Eve).
I have not yet decided if I'll reopen them somewhere else.
I'll probably have another site for my pins and patches in a near future.

And don't forget there's 15% off any orders of 10 EUR + in my two shops until November 30, 2018 with code NOEL18
Dina Fragola, kawaii jewelry shop
The Captain Cosmos, quirky plugs, gauges, jewelry and cuff links.


Tina Lindholm Kanerva said...

I am filled with mixed emotions. I also sometimes want to abandon my shops, but usually when I feel this way it is like Etsy senses something and throws sales my way.
But I do not go over my tags and titles anymore, and I suspect my shops are slowly dying...

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Yeah, can't blame you.
I think it's a good decision, if you want to have your own online shop it will seem like less of wasted time, simply because you are putting all efforts into it just for yourself. Whereas every time someone promotes their etsy shop, they also promote etsy.
Anyway! Best of luck with your future plans, and until then, happy reading :)

el rinconcito de zivi said...

I totally understand, many times it is very desperate to sell on etsy when we spend so much time and sometimes spend weeks without selling.
Be as it is luck with the future plans and hopefully they come soon sales in etsy