October 03, 2018

My Alice in Wonderland collection

My shops are dead, I am out of ideas on how to promote. I haven't even managed to sell a ***** pin yet and only sold one patch (to a friend...). Morale is low.
Let's focus on some new pieces from my Alice in Wonderland collection.
Not surprisingly this exquisite music box is from the Japanese Disney Store (thanks, Tomoko, for sending me the coolest things). It has a rocking-horsefly and most importantly a Dinah kitten ^_^

Even the packaging is delightful and the music box actually plays Alice in Wonderland music! 


el rinconcito de zivi said...

a precious music box.

Etsy gives us many problems and headaches sometimes it is good and sometimes bad and you do not know why and you despair without knowing what else you can do :(
Cheer up!

Natalya said...

I would like to see your collection entirely

StaroftheEast said...

Such a pretty detailed box!

And I'm in the same mood, sales have been an all time low!