April 02, 2019

1001 things

So, I am in that phase where I start 1001 things.

-skillshare photo classes
-designing business card
-reworking my resumé website
-moving my main shop from Shopify to Smoolis
-add stuff to my storenvy shop
-think of new Instagram strategies...which include creating 2 or 3 new accounts so my interests are     not all mixed up as they are now...
-designing new pins and patches
-look for new camera lenses
-making new jewelry for shops
-spring gardening

Oh and I still need to replace the flooring in that bedroom but still waiting for news from the roof guy (what a surprise...not)

As you can imagine, not much gets done...

I have fixed the garden swing fabric yesterday, as it'll be soon warm enough to go read outside...and though the stitching was really not that hard, one of my fingers is completely numb, like I've crushed my nerve endings or something :'(
Also, I have installed a add-on in my old Photoshop so I can now open Raw files.

Oh and that QR code may be pretty but is not working ><   (might just be a contrast thing though...not that I care enough to try LOL)


StaroftheEast said...

I like having lots of things at once, as I get bored quickly :D So for me yours sounds totally normal, actually not so much even ha ha :D

Tina Lindholm Kanerva said...

It is so interesting, because I can relate, but to the total opposite. I am currently in a one thing at a time mode – which of course means I get nothing done. ;D

Natalya said...
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Natalya said...

this is a great plan. I wish you to fulfill it

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Like Estella, I mostly work like this, start plenty of different things, so if I get bored on one, I can work on another.

Arctida said...

Me too, me too, me too :) I start a lot of different project and when I'm bored with one I jump into another! But it takes for ever to finish each project :D

Siany said...

wow you have lots of things to do! fun things!