March 19, 2014

Wednesday favorites

 A very cool cat shell! The shells are made of recycled  cardboard.They are made by a Japanese company Oppo. I didn't quite understand how to order or even how much they cost, but, oh well... It'd be fun to transform my living room into an oyster bed ;)
If you speak French , more infos here.

 Sandal season is coming  YOOHOOO I love those polka dotted ones by Crocs. And I must say the striped pair is pretty too.

 More polka dots! Cute sneakers by Esprit!

 Now you can have you own Hobbit Hole. I know they are supposed to be for children but I can totally picture myself in there. And the cats would love it too!
A lovely seabird print shirt by Lilarubykingshop on Etsy. Love the bird, love the color combo...

And I just love cats sitting like humans. Look at this little guy chilling out in front of TV ^_^

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