November 07, 2014

Friday favorites -let's go stellar

 How cute and clever! The Great Bear and Little Bear art print by Krisblue on Etsy.

 The Gola Comet Galaxy trainers. They have them in pink/black colors too.

 An amazing miniature Moon globe (it is 3,8 cm in diameter)...handmade by TheLittleMoonShop.

 Rocket and Astronauts earrings by bRainbowshop.

 The Nasa has recently made available a series of space sounds they recorded on their missions. How very cool...I especially like the sound of Saturn, it sounds like straight out of Forbidden Planet (which had an extra cool soundtrack).

And talking of cool SF  from the 50's here's a painting by Chesley Bonestell. You may not be familiar with the name but you have undoubtedly seen some of his art before. He is pretty much the guy who gave us the vision we have of outer space to this day! He was also one of Hollywood greatest "matte painters".  Here's a small bio.

1 comment:

Stephanie Kilgast said...

aaah yes! I love galaxy stuff too :)
That's why I made some jewelry :D
And those gola shoes are so cute!