August 17, 2018

Star Wars Identity exhibition

Look, I am a cute fluffy ewok :)

I unexpectedly went to see the latest Star Wars exhibition.
I have seen quite a few in the past and I thought it'd just be another one.

There were still some original costumes...

  ...and some models...It turned out to be a bit more interactive, you get an electric bracelet at the entrance and through the different exhibits you create your own Star Wars character. I wanted to either be a Ewok or a Gundan...went for the Ewok as they are much fluffier ;)

 I wouldn't mind having this Jar Jar original sketch on my wall.

I used to make cosplay costumes it's really interesting to see the fabric and details up close. It's often surprising how "rough" they are.

I enjoy this kind of details, a bas-relief depicting an ancient fight of the Jedis against the Siths.


Stephanie Kilgast said...

That looked like a fun exhibition! Thanks for sharing pictures of it :)

StaroftheEast said...

That looks like fun, you seem quite the fan if you have been to several of these :)