August 02, 2018

Mercutio the cat

Watcha up to? 
Mercutio the cat is the latest addition to the McBain family. He arrived on Christmas day, terrified by the evening fireworks...I saw the cat runnning like crazy in my alley way, I opened the bay window and he sprinted right inside.
10 minutes later he was napping on my stomach in front of TV.
I searched the web to see if there were a missing cat ad, looked around the neighbourhood. Nobody seemed to be missing Mercutio. He didnt seem very inclined to leave either. He wouldn't even go outside for over 2 weeks.
He is very sweet and cuddly (when it's not too hot, in which case he doesn't know you). His other names are Mothcat (because of the moth shaped spot on his nose) and Muffin.

Don't take photos!

You still there?


Leave me alone!!!


Stephanie Kilgast said...

He's so cute!!
I wonder if he belongs to another family that has so many cats they didn't bother putting up an ad.
I often wonder where these cats come from, where they used to live. He clearly knows what a home is and how to behave with humans.

StaroftheEast said...

Ha ha he rescued himself, great story! He might have heard about you :)