January 31, 2019

Snow day and a mystery

Trying to make the most of the weather. I am not a fan of winter nor snow. It may look pretty but I have a very poor balance so snow is really difficult for me + I have a huge curb and alleyway to shovel.
 I made a snowman, meet Mr. Snowy. If you follow me on Instagram you know Mr Snowy has a drinking problem.

  But he is still cute.

Pookie is cute too but it's hard to get him in the snow for a photoshoot.

As no cat would indulge me and pose in the snow I decided to take some cat paw print photos instead.

When I noticed something strange...

A larger print that looked bigger than a catprint. A single print, not a series following a path.

It could be a dog print as I seem to see claw prints on top of the beans. Toe beans are rounder and more spread out than a cat's.

And it's large too, the patch is 7cm across.
But even if it's a dog...I still doesn't explain the single lonely print...


StaroftheEast said...

It must be a flying alien dog :D

Stephanie Kilgast said...

ooh mysterious print in the snow!