January 07, 2019


One week into the new year. Can't say things have improved much...but let's look at the bright side, that DOES leave plenty of  room for improvement.
I went grocery shopping again today...yoohoo...I don't enjoy that much as mom takes forever to buy 3 items...but today, I was aimlessly wandering through the aisles while mom decided what to get from the butcher's stand...when I noticed with sheer horror that she was standing next to my ex-boss.
I never left a shop so fast. GOSH, major embarrassment avoided. I can handle them separately (they've never met, thankfully)...but imagine my mom saying whatever crosses her mind (and thoroughly enjoying putting me on the spot too)...
One day I'll find that funny, I'm sure. In a long, long, long time.

One week into the new year and not a single sale yet. That no longer upsets me though. I just sigh.

I'm looking  for a new project...I'd like something big like remodeling a room but winter is not a good season for painting and hanging wallapaper (with the heater on, it's too hot and the paint and glue dry too fast,without the heater on, it's too cold). So I'm going to fix that chair Pookie is sitting on in the picture. One of the handles needs fixing (not sure how yet, as it's pretty damaged) and I want to paint it gold to put it in my bedroom. It's a real vintage piece from the 50's from my grandparents. I'd hate to throw it away + it's trendy again.
Should I paint the legs gold too or leave them black? Not sure.


Arctida said...

The start of a new year is the best time for a new project! and that chair could you use a bit of gold color (including the legs) but I'm biased toward that issue as I am a jeweler I Loooove gold a lot :)

Natalya said...

In the new year we did a permutation in our apartment.
I do not raise my hand to throw out the old furniture.
I am waiting for a renewed chair with your cat.

StaroftheEast said...

Glad you dodged that disaster!
Maybe tape the feet partially off and paint them only half gold, you know in the 50's a lot of wooden furniture had brass parts, you could give that effect :) Looking forward to the result :)

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Revamping that chair sounds like a great idea!
Looking forward to it :)