March 19, 2019

Life updates

It looks done from this POV 
 Someone finally came to check the chimney and water damage. According to him, the problem is indeed the chimney. He’ll send an estimate…not in 6 months hopefully because I cannot replace the flooring until the problem is fixed and in the meantime everything that was in that room is spread around the house and the mess and chaos are not good for my fragile mental health ><
But the painting, curtains and decoration are all done…

But not quite in real life

The chair is still not finished because mom broke it again…I think I’ll just throw it away now because I have already spent too much time, energy and money on it.
In the meantime I am obsessed with apples…each time I’m stressed my answer is, let’s eat an apple! Which, I guess, is better than chocolate, junk food or drugs LOL. But I am eating a lot of apples right now (I am  at 5 kilos for this month alone... Cats are totally uninterested, Bunny even gives me advice: “you’re gonna puke if you keep eating all that green stuff, I tell you!”

Bunny giving advices

Business cards are still note done. Now I’m thinking I’d rather have something green than pink.
Not that it matters as I am not getting any sales at all.
I’ll have to take my laptop to be fixed soon. No software problem, it’s the casing giving up on me.
A couple years back, there was some water damage on a corner. There was no problem at first, but then it rusted and broke…so it’s pretty much keeping in one piece with a clamp. White trash classy there…

Well, at least it’ almost spring.


StaroftheEast said...

Absolutely love how the room looks, beautiful calming colors and decor. Shame of the water damage still not fixed :/ We had the chimney removed and put roof tiles over it as we also got water inside, they are tricky when it rains a lot.

Arctida said...

The rooms looks very lovely now and its going to be even better once the water damage is fixed :) and I do agree with you about the apples, much better then chocolate, junk food or drugs :D

Natalya said...

I really like the color of your walls

Stephanie Kilgast said...

That room is beautiful! Love the paintings on the wall too.
Hope you'll get your water damage fixed soon, not a fun issue :/
And yeah, apples are certainly better than drugs!