March 26, 2019


Mercutio's impeccable leg work

A gratuitous cat photopost was long overdue ;)

Chloé, tiny but sassy

Mercutio has had enough with my BS

Pookie's paws...look at his little feet *_*

And what about Bunny's paws...and chipmunk tail? 

Just look at that little feet...

Eugénie enjoying the sun with bodyguard. 


Bunny making sure my leg doesn't go anywhere


Pookie needs to hold my arm to fall asleep...

Frank, grumpy Frank

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StaroftheEast said...

Looks like my household but in cat shape instead of dog :D

Print Cut Hang said...

How many cats do you have? I have one in house and 4 in garden. Must have take some nice photos to show you.

Stephanie Kilgast said...

aaaaw! :D :D
I should do a gratuitous cat picture post as well, always cute to see cats :D

Natalya said...

I like how they pull paws. It looks like a ballet